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When is it time to replace an artificial Christmas tree in your home? For many people, they pay attention to the tree itself and watch for signs that this is something that they need to change. Other people pay attention to the time in which they have had this tree for when they should replace it. Both options are a good way to monitor your artificial Christmas trees. However, for those who are unsure of really how long they have had their tree, we do have some signs that showcase it may be time to upgrade to newer artificial Christmas trees before the holiday season.

Artificial Christmas trees: When to say goodbye and replace

1. If you notice that the needles are falling out of this tree, then you are going to find that this is a huge sign that you need to get a new tree. Why do these needles fall out? This can be due to age, it can also be due to the tree not being cared for properly, such as being put into extreme temperatures in a home when it is being stored.

2. If you find that the tree will no longer stand up straight, despite all the branches being spread out as they should then this shows that the base is damaged. While you could try to find a new base, you will find that in many cases, this is just the start of the problems, so it is best to replace these artificial Christmas trees before anything more happens.

3. When you find that you can only get this tree together if you use a lot of duct tape, then it is definitely time to get rid of this!

4. If you have branches that are falling off the tree because they are no longer working properly, then it is time to get rid of this. When this happens it is often because the mechanics are no longer working properly whether this is from not being properly stored or having a fall. It is best to start over with a new tree and then follow the guidelines for how to properly store these trees to ensure that the life of this is prolonged.

For those who are not sure whether it is time, then chances are it is time to get this replaced. And you will find that there are tons of types of artificial Christmas trees to choose from, so you should have no problem finding one that you love.