Artificial Christmas Trees

Every year, it seems the idea of using something vintage is becoming more popular over time. Vintage items are not only something that people want, but those who are looking to do something that is good for the environment are finding that anything vintage is the way to go when it comes to the artificial Christmas trees that you are decorating in your home. Vintage ribbons are becoming a highly popular way to decorate a tree that is a bit odd…but works for those who love this vintage look.

What Type of Ribbons?

When looking at the vintage ribbon theme for your artificial Christmas trees, you are going to there are several different ways that you can do this. You can opt to find spools of ribbon that is vintage, many antique shops may have this or you may even find that your grandparents have some of this in an attic somewhere. However, one idea is to use ribbons that have been awarded for sports and the like that are vintage. If you go to vintage shops, you will find that these are sometimes easy to find. They may even be able to be found at second hand stores for very little money. Imagine those big ribbons that you would see winners smiling with in old photos…as those are the type of ribbons that you are going to find.

When using these ribbons you can opt to hang them all over artificial Christmas trees, or you can actually get enough to make a design throughout the tree. The choice is really up to you and what you envision with these vintage ribbons. You can still hang other ornaments with these ribbons so that your tree is completely full and looks fantastic. This is a fun themed tree that is going to turn heads as it is unique with these vintage ribbons displayed all over the tree.