There are just a few things a man would not do when he’s excited. At times, excitement might hit really hard, just like liquor, and make you do things you would ordinarily not do.

The Advantages of Pre-lit Christmas Trees

And now, you’re probably wondering what the point is. Well, here’s it: your excitement about Christmas can make you buy just any kind of tree. But hold it, before hitting the market for type of tree, there are factors you should take into account.

Below are some pros and cons of the renowned pre-lit Christmas trees you should know. Drink up!


Less work and greater convenience: Stringing lights typically takes the most time out of all the decorating stages.

 Decorating your home with pre-lit trees is easy, and removing lights after Christmas is just as easy. There is no doubt that not having to string tree lights relieves you of one more chore at a time when the holidays are already busy enough.

Safety and efficiency: pre-lit Christmas trees can be the perfect balance between safety, convenience, and energy efficiency as LED lights become cooler and more energy-efficient (instead of incandescent lights). Artificial trees do not dry out.

It’s important to check that your tree is UL listed/approved — this means it’s safe. If this designation is not available, you should consider other options before making a final decision.


High prices: As an artificial Christmas tree buyer, pre-lit trees are usually one of the most expensive choices. Besides, pre-lit Balsam Hill Balsam Firs are $499.99 compared to $429.99 for an unlit model.

Bulbs burning out: Not all pre-lit bulbs are the same. The bare and unkempt appearance of the tree could be caused by a broken bulb in a less expensive tree. However, you can avoid this by looking for labels that state ‘continuous on’ or contain the phrase ‘burn-out protection’.

Limited styling options:  Since most pre-lit trees stay lit until they’re replaced, you’re limited in your decorating options.

You would be better off buying a pre-lit Christmas tree after considering these factors. If there is one that catches your fancy and suits your taste, go for it!