You might be looking for ways to make your artificial wreath beautiful and fluffy. A fluffier artificial wreath and garlands will give a natural look to your wreath. Furthermore, you will get more room to use your creative instinct and decorate the wreath every single time. You can also use these wreaths for a longer time. But, before making the wreath bulkier, learn how to choose the right wreath.

How to Choose Wreath

When you are picking a wreath, follow these techniques. These tips will help you craft the perfect artificial wreath in no time.

Needle Tips

Always check the needle tips of a wreath. Ensure that the quantity and height of the needle tip are perfect. Don’t choose a wreath with less than 150 needles, as it will be bare. You can even make a wreath thicker with more needles. That will provide more space to add the glue from the stems.

Wreath Frame

Also, check the frames of the wreath before purchasing. An artificial wreath may either have a single frame or two frames. Both options are okay to make the wreath look fluffier. An elevated wreath has two frames. The internal frame is smaller than the one outside. The center of this type of wreath is thicker and has an additional dimension.

How to Fluff an Artificial Wreath

Now it’s time to understand how you can make your artificial wreath look fluffier. If you love to show your artistic skills every Christmas, having a fluffier wreath will give your more room for decoration.

Pull Out Each Needle Stem

You can start the process by pulling out every needle stem. When pulling the stems, move them up and out while lifting the stems and straightening them out. Regardless of how many decorative items you add to your wreath, you need to touch the ties and elevate them a little further. Never pull the stems to the extent that the frame is visible. Pull the stems in a way that makes it easy to add the décor.

Use an Elevated Wreath

For a fluffier wreath, you should always purchase an elevated wreath. You can fluff out these artificial wreaths and give a three-dimensional look to the frame. You will get a thicker appearance when you use a wreath with two different-sized hoops. Both the frames will expand in their space and give more thickness to the artificial wreath.


While fluffing out the wreath, always pull out every single needle. If you want the best results, you need to spend some additional time on the fluffing process. Again, don’t pull the stems so far that you start seeing the frame.

You need to practice a little to get that perfect and fluffy artificial wreath that you want. Making the artificial wreath and garlands fluffier is a fun task. Once you are done with the fluffing process, you will get enough room to add additional Christmas elements to the artificial wreath.