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For those who are looking at the various ways that they can celebrate Christmas this year, they are often not only thinking about how they can decorate their 6 foot artificial Christmas trees, but also the various treats that they could serve as well. Yule logs are one of those treats that many people are serving at Christmas, and it has often been called one of the best Christmas cakes that you can have in your home. 6 foot artificial Christmas trees that are fully decorated means that you can spend some extra time trying to figure out what you want to serve for Christmas goodies.

Bringing Family and Memories Together with Yule Logs

With this being said, a yule log is a sweet Christmas cake that is chocolate, covered with nuts and often has a creamy, swirly-like center. You will also find that it may have a few cherries on the top of this for décor. However, where did this delicious item come from?

Believe it or not, yule logs were once real logs, they weren’t actually cakes to eat! During the Iron Age, people would have a log that they would burn that was decorated with pine cones, holly and ivy. They would put this log into the fireplace and let it burn during Christmas.

And once the log had burned, the ashes were considered protection against lightning, which was highly important since most homes were made from wood during this time. In addition, they believed that by burning this log during the holiday that you were bringing good luck to all those in your home.

While you don’t have to burn a yule log in your fireplace this year, consider getting one of these delicious treats to have. And then give the story of where they came from to everyone to learn a little something new this holiday season.