Every Christmas brings with it a fresh opportunity to show off your personal flair. While the COVID pandemic made 2020 a difficult year, with lesser gatherings and muted decorations, we are confident that 2021 will bring greater gatherings and plenty of Christmas pleasure. We have all the trends you’ll need to wow a crowd this Christmas if you want to make a huge impression. Let’s take a look at one of the upcoming Christmas décor ideas for 2021 that will look amazing with your prelit Christmas trees this year!

Farmhouse Chic: The Never ending Theme

This is a trend that has been seen for many years with prelit Christmas trees. Why is this so popular? You will find that it is a  theme that can be easily changed to suit your individual tastes and needs.

The rustic, country Christmas look has been popular for a few years and is showing no signs of fading. Dark greens, wooden textures, and natural flora are featured in our farmhouse or country chic interpretation. Start with a typical prelit Christmas tree and add stunning white ornaments to complete the appearance at home. Bring that rustic, festive atmosphere into your home with wall art like a “Believe” sculpture. With dark green potted artificial Christmas trees or vases filled with green-toned decorations, don’t let your tabletops go unused. The farmhouse style is simple but not boring, and it gives charm and warmth to any room.

How can you add more personality to this style? This is one of the most important elements of this trend for 2021. You need to not copy what you find everywhere online…as you will see tons. But, a great idea is to take some of the individual elements that you see and then find the few that you love. For example, if you love the use of white bulbs, use these. But, if you see people hanging small signs on these trees that say “Hope”, “Love”, “Believe” or the like, then use a combo that speaks to you. That is the beauty of the farmhouse chic theme…it is one that you can cater to your individual needs rather than try to replicate exactly. And this is going to be a theme that works in any type of home whether you have more modern décor or the farmhouse décor regularly.

How will you use this farmhouse chic theme this year in your home? Whatever you do, it will be amazing!