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Do you know that your choice of Christmas tree says a lot about your personality? The same way the kind of gifts you give can reveal the relationship you have; your preference of Christmas tree can also reveal truths about your personality.

Everyone has a different Christmas tree preference. Most people prefer simple flocked Christmas tree with no elaborate décor, while others might go for a real spruce tree and deck it with ornaments from top to skirt. Be it artificial trees or natural trees, we all have our preferred options.

Tree symbolism and meanings

One of the most beautiful sights of the festive season is catching glances of different Christmas trees in different homes decked with beautiful lights and ornaments. When decorating your Christmas trees, put your heart into it! As you do so, you would be more prone to pick ornaments and garlands that are more in tune with who you are.

Prelit trees allow you to explore varieties of decorations.

People who are easygoing and classy are more likely to have a pure silver and gold decoration around their prelit trees. They go for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Personality traits associated with tree choices

For people who just want everything to be perfect, they are most likely to design their prelit trees with more coordination and arrangements, using a handful of ornaments, while the minimalists will settle for a monochrome décor with some touch of silver or grey.

If you’re anything close to hyperactive, then your perspective might be “big, bright and bold” No doubt, this would influence your prelit Christmas tree decorations as you would tend to add many lights and several fun ornaments.

Whatever your choice, make sure to explore and give out your best when styling your pre-lit Christmas tree. What you do will tell who you are!