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Prelit trees have quickly become the more popular option among holiday merrymakers. Considering the many advantages of a prelit Christmas tree, it makes a lot of sense to invest in one.

If you too are planning to have a hassle-free, prelit Christmas tree for your home this season, here are some considerable options for you:

Fiber Optic

This option is a considerably newer one in the market. Fiber-optic prelit trees feature a very unique and modern look. The manufacturers thread the fiber optics into the tree branches and light the bulbs using LED or Halogen sources.

You will also notice a spinning wheel in these models, right in front of the light source. The spinning wheel is the main reason why this prelit tree model emits different colored lights. Fiber-optic is now an option in most prelit trees of all sizes.

LED Prelit Trees

Prelit trees with LED lighting is a step forward in energy saving. The prelit tree models promise to last longer and offer a brighter glow. Besides, LED light sources claim to be energy saving and this is why this prelit tree type has been high on the list of favorites in the market.

You can find several lighting options in LED trees. From clear lighting option that passes a more candlelight effect to multi-colored and color changing bulbs, there are various options. If you’re on the lookout for an energy-saving and bright-glow casting prelit tree, then an LED one might be a good option for you.

Color Blast Prelit Trees

Another variation that came into the market some time back in the prelit trees category is the color blast model. This one produces a gleaming and spectacular array of colors once you plug it is. Many homeowners love prelit trees that pass off the most vibrant glow and burst of colors through the season.

In this case, the color blast models fit the role effortlessly. Most models also come with a remote that allows you to customize the array of colors you want to feature on your prelit tree at a time. You can play with various colors; choose from ten animation modes etc. in this model.

Multi-Lit Green Trees

While many love the twist of modernity that the newer prelit tree models offer, others love to stick as close to the traditional classic as possible. If you too love a prelit tree that does not look too different from a traditional real evergreen, then consider buying a multi-lit green tree.

These prelit trees replicate the originals, such as pine and fir but offer a more playful mix of colors. These prelit tree produce more jewel-toned lights but with a green base in the background. The newer models along the multi-green category include LED and options for switching from clear to multi-colored. You can also use the controls for the vice versa effect, as suits your mood.

Clear-Lit Trees

These prelit models are as close to the classics and simplistic as can be. The clear lit trees are those who produce clear or candle-like glow from the bulbs. In these prelit models, the emphasis is on the evergreen beauty itself, even if it’s artificial while the clear lights only provide mellow illumination.