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Types of Prelit Christmas Trees

One of the elements that really bring prelit Christmas trees together in terms of themes and the overall appearance in your home or business is the topper. The topper is the one element that can make or break the theme that you have for your tree. For those who are looking to make the most of their prelit Christmas trees, they will find that using a topper that fits into their theme is going to make all the difference.

Traditional toppers are the star and angel that most people use. However, with the various themes that are out there, these traditional toppers may not work that well. So, what can you do instead? There are tons of options out there for your prelit Christmas trees.

Surprising Topper Options for Your Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Here are just a few ideas:

– Use a huge bow with ribbon stringing down the prelit tree. You will find that this can make the tree appear even more beautiful! Just choose a color that fits with the theme of the tree.

– Use a Santa hat. This is a great option when going with a kid friendly theme!

– Snowman toppers are all the rage for those who are using ice and snow themed trees.

– A top hat or present is also something that can be used. Many people are putting their own spin onto these items to make them fit into their theme.

When it comes to the topper that you use, remember to use one that is going to fit. When buying an artificial tree, most people allot at least 12 inches from the top of their tree to the ceiling to ensure that they are not going to face a size issue when it comes to the toppers that they end up choosing. So, just be sure that you have enough room for what you picture!