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There are only a few more months until spring. Here are some of the best decor items to brighten up your space as we look forward to the end of winter.

 You can add floral accents to your home’s decor or change up the colors with these spring-inspired decorations.

Artificial wreaths and Garlands

It’s impossible not to smile when your colorful flowers bloom at the beginning of spring. Now, the beauty of roses and hydrangeas can be enjoyed year-round thanks to artificial wreaths and garlands. By replacing your winter ornaments with these spring beauties, you’ll bring spring into your home. You could also display them outside to make your outdoor spaces more cheerful.

In any case, artificial wreaths and garlands can liven up a space and add sparkle.

Spring-themed gnomes

It’s probably no secret that Christmas gnomes exist. What you might not know, however, is that there are colorful ones that are spring-themed.

 Several light-colored gnomes are complemented with knitted hats, including this pink gnome.

There are a wonderful choice for spring and even Easter, and there is a good chance every guest will fall in love at first glance. No doubt, you will enjoy transitioning your Christmas gnomes into spring ones as much as we do!

Planter for Spring Welcome

These brightly-colored flowers start to bloom as soon as spring approaches. Make your flowers stand out with creative planters such as this–it’s some sort of “Hello Spring” item. This decorative planter brings out the color of spring with a sprinkle of creativity. No matter where you place them, they’ll add a touch of uniqueness to your spring décor.

 There you have it! Now, you’re set to enjoy spring and bright colors. Follow these decor items for a smooth transition to spring!

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