Decorating The Exterior Of Your Home For Christmas

The idea of decorating the exterior of your home for Christmas is one that can be quite competitive. This competition is thanks to all those shows out there that highlight those homes in residential neighborhoods that tend to go all out when it comes to the lights and displays that they have up. It can make it feel like decorating can be rather difficult and time-consuming. However, remember that when it comes to decorating your exterior, you don’t have to do something that is television worthy. You want to do whatever you are comfortable with and just enjoy. So, if this is nothing more than putting up a few inflatables, then have it. It is still going to bring a smile to the face of those who pass by your home.

Step-by-Step Guide To Decorating Your Home’s Exterior For Christmas

If you want to decorate your exterior for Christmas, there are some tools that can make this easier on you so that you are not spending your entire Christmas vacation trying to make the exterior display work!

1. Consider getting a light tester if you will be hanging lights on the exterior of your home. A light tester can help you save time rather than having to check every signal bulb that is the issue. After all, for those who have seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, you don’t want to spend days trying to figure out if a bulb is an issue or not.

2. A light hanger is meant to be an extension of your arm and help you to avoid having to step on the ladder to hand lights for the gutters of your home. Tons of accidents happen from ladders during the Christmas season, so this is a wise tool to have on hand.

3. Light clips are great for clipping lights to the exterior such as on the gutters, rather than having to staple or tape the lights to your home.

4. Suction cups are great to have on hand as these can help you hang wreaths or garland from windows, without causing any damage to the exterior of your home.

Tips for Decorating Your Home Safely and Efficiently

While these tools are going to make decorating the exterior of your home easier, remember that you still need to keep basic safety rules in mind. We would suggest that you:

– Have someone help if you plan on climbing to the roof or on a ladder

– Have all the supplies that you will be using, including the decor, ready and laid out to go

– Dress properly to avoid getting super cold while outside decorating

– Do this in the daylight so that you do not have any accidents due to the darkness

– Take breaks if you need to, as there is nothing that states you have to get this all done in one afternoon

– Have a plan on how you are decorating, as planning ahead can reduce a lot of time that you spend doing this So, will you be decorating your exterior this year and going all out to show your Christmas spirit?