Factors That Cause Messiness in Flocked Trees

It’s almost normal to find flocked trees appear messy once in their lifetime. At times, they come so grubby you want to kick them all out.

But wait, before you head in and get your trees out there, check out this post.

Despite appearing messy (especially when done inside), flocking isn’t all unattractive. In a basement or out of doors, you won’t have an issue if there’s a sprinkle of mess.

When flocking, you can expect that some of the damp flocking will stick to the floor. You might also find some sticking to your clothes in some cases.

Humidity and Temperature Fluctuations

But that isn’t a problem. At least, not one you can’t handle within a few minutes. Just a stiff broom with some scraping is all it takes to remove the flocking from the floor. And for your clothes, a simple wash or laundry will do.

Could your flocked Christmas tree get messy over time? Yes, indeed! And sadly so.

Flocking drops off the tree each time you move it or jostle its branches. In the end, the floor is messed up.

You’ll also likely lose some flocking as you move the tree into the house. But as long as you remain cautious, it won’t fall excessively.

It will probably result in white dust, which can then be easily swept and cleaned up since it is no longer damp.

A flocking Christmas tree may get messy and need to be replaced from time to time, but it’s not because of the flocking.

 The branches of a tree can become droopy after so many years of use – say about four or five – and disfigure the overall appearance of the tree.

Then you’d have to think replacement, even though flocking still seems to be in good shape.

As mentioned, the trees might lose flocking year after year, but that doesn’t mean they need to add more flocking.